Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Word Association Exercises

As discussed in English 233, I took some time to delve into word association and creativity exercises. Below are my exercises, and fragments of poetry in various phases of completion, with particularly striking passages bolded and italicized.

Word: "Glance"

1) glance dance
glance glaze
glance glow
glance pants
glance grow
glance grout
glance go
glance lance
glance gander
glance goose
glance stance

2) glance stare
glance look
glance impression
glance chance
glance brief
glance graze
glance hardness
glance soft

3) glance grout
grout tile
tile floor

3) glance look
look up
up high
high school
school girl
girl talk
talk about
about face
face off
off road
road trip
trip up
up stairs
stair way
way out
out side
side car

4)Initial Composition, with collaboration
paragon bygone conclusion delusion
grandeur gander grander candor
banter talk chatter ramble
ramble on top dollar
bill will shill chill
cold empty desolate dark
ark animal magnetism attraction
reaction repulsion Rapunzel bundle
trundle lumber wood forest
for rest to sleep sweep creep crest
Revision (Barbershop)

Ramble on, talk, banter.
Shill, chill; dollar, Bill?
Gander at the grandeur
of the Rapunzel bundle
on the tile floor.
Rest now, sleep creeps
and I must sweep.
4) Another attempt at associative exercise, this time as a stream-of-consciousness piece using the word association, leapfrog, connotation and alliterative methods at will. As above, interesting pieces are bolded and italicized.

grander grandeur gander candor pander panda planned a banned a brand her brander slander slammed her slammer stammer stutter butter utter udder mother other and another brother smother and another wonder blunder torn asunder up and under up and out handout tryout dry out blackout hangout hang out hang up cut up cut out pout shout layabout rout root route en route ensemble humble stumble rumble in the jungle jingle jangle I've got spurs that jingle jangle spangled newfangled angles angels mange manger stranger danger high voltage low wire high wire guy wire fire choking hazard Dukes of Hazzard has jazz jazz razzmatazz as was us trust us blunderbuss torn asunder blunderbuss delirious and serious and weary us and clearly us and clearly weary Siri us has as was because the buzz the bee the sting the wedding ring and who would sing of such a thing green ring ping pong gone ding dong ring gone bring song so long begone bygone conclusion confusion delusion intrusion Peruvian Parisian artisan Armenian bulimia septicemia no worry I believe in ya ja ja da da Dada mama drama slammer grammar stammer
My phrases of interest so far:

glance gander
gander grander candor
forest for rest to sleep sweep creep
mother other and another brother smother and another
pout shout layabout
delirious and serious and weary us and clearly us and clearly weary Siri us
ding dong ring gone

A potential poem from the above.

Ramble on, talk, banter,
pander with candor as you shill.

The barbershop is us
and mother, and a brother, and
another, and another.

Mother, clearly weary,
near delirious, quite serious,
watching her Rapunzel bundle
fall in angles to the floor
like undergrowth in an ancient forest.

Ding dong, hair gone.
The barber says to us and mother
"rest now, sleep creeps"
and starts to sweep.

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